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North Branch Natives

Bouteloua gracilis (BLUE GRAMA)

bloom Aug-Sept | height 1-2’ | full to part-sun

There is nothing more charming than the grasshopper/eyelash-shaped seed heads that form on this warm-season grass. Well, maybe the small orange skippers that it attracts —its a tough call. A great plant for a matrix planting in a sunny spot, plant it in masses or drifts, dotting in bright flowering species like black-eyed susan or aromatic aster. The green-blue foliage and fine texture work well to contrast with more structural wildflowers.

Plants that grow well with BLUE GRAMA: Rudbeckia fulgida variety speciosa (showy black-eyed Susan), Symphyotrichum oblongifolium (aromatic aster), Zizia aurea (golden alexanders)

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