North Branch Natives is a home-grown, sustainable Chicago business offering native plants and native gardening classes.

We believe in gardening not only for the beauty and quiet joy that comes from tending ones landscape, but for the spectacle that comes along with it. If you've ever watched a bumblebee as she visits the early season blooms of Penstemon, or sat in awe crouched down in the middle of a patch of late season asters, you understand the happiness that a natural garden can bring. We're always thinking about environment and how to make our little slice of life more meaningful and impactful. 

What we hope to share with you are native plants—combined into mixes that grow well together and that will look great in your garden. Our plants are grown from locally collected seed and germinated in our north-side Chicago greenhouse. A little love (along with some weeding, watering and feeding) and they are ready for you.

"Gardening with native plants has transformed my yard.  Personally, it's brought me so much joy.  Liz has taught me that a garden can constantly evolve and has given me the confidence to experiment each season.  AND, I'll always have something to look forward to!" —Dana D., Jeff Park, Chicago.

"NBN!!!! Awesome season again, Liz! I can’t believe this was our third year of the garden! Thank you for transforming our yard (and our lives and our planet, let’s be honest!). 💗"  —Jen B., Edgebrook, Chicago

So, here's the run-down...

We offer consultations, classes, and locally grown native plants.

Easy, low(ish)-maintenance, sustainable bursts of garden beauty just for you.

Oh! And we deliver. Straight to your door (Chicago area) with planting instructions so you never have to worry if you're "doing it right'. And we won't leave you hangin' after you order —join our garden community and get regular emails on when to water, how to prep a new garden, cutting back, adding new plants, and really everything you'll need to know to make your garden buzz.

Good for you, good for the planet!


We're Liz Vogel and Jane Hamill - Chicago neighbors and friends who share a love of native plants and beautiful gardens all abuzz with bees and butterflies.

One of us is a professional eco gardener and designer with a masters in landscape architecture who spouts off proper plant names like it's nothin' (Liz)...

Liz Vogel


One of us is a serial entrepreneur & business coach (seen on CNN, NPR, Entrepreneur, WWD, The CHicago Tribune, and more) who absolutely loves being in the garden, especially if there's a cozy chair and a glass of prosecco (Jane) ...



We are a match made in heaven and our goal is to make your garden amazing!

Meet our newest NBN Horticulturist and super habitat gardener, Nicki Achor!!

Nicki has her horticulture degree from Purdue University, with a focus on public gardens. She has amazing knowledge of Illinois native plants and all the bees, butterflies and birds that visit them. If you have booked a consult lately, then you have likely benefitted from her insights, gardening know-how and mad design skills. 

We are all so excited to be helping Chicago-area gardeners to create spaces full of nature, beauty and a sense of wonder. 


"You don't have to be a good at gardening for gardening to be good for you."

- Amanda Thomsen, Kiss My Aster