As part of NBN's 2024 Planting Service, we are growing some incredibly beautiful and low-fuss plant species to introduce into your new or existing garden. Below are typical planting groups by site type; planting lists will vary depending on garden area, existing plantings, plant availability and customer requests.


South-facing front or larger back yards, community garden plots and open stretches with little tree canopy are examples of prairie or meadow-like areas. Plants in this group can handle dry poor soils and are great for hot microclimates within the landscape. A mix of grasses and wildflowers provide for many pollinators.


Marked by patches of full sun mixed with tall canopy shade. Chicago tree-lined parkways are good examples of savanna-like conditions. These plants can stand up to most soil types along with winter street salt, and offer food for bees, butterflies and birds.


North-side foundation to back-yard tree canopy cover are examples of urban conditions that mimic woodland areas. This list is made of species that can handle dry soil, produce flowers throughout the season and offer good garden structure and texture. Shorter species can be used to layer under taller plantings from other groups.

This is an important collection of plants for early-season bees, such as the queen bumblebee who emerges in spring to start a new nest. Flowers such as Mertensia and Geranium will help her along her way.