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Our picks for the best tools, gifts, and apparel for native gardeners and habitat gardening. 

Native Gardening T-Shirt

Plant it and they will come is the goal with native gardening! Plant the right things and the bees, butterflies and pollinators will do their thing for the environment.  

Get the North Branch Natives T-shirt



"They’re made to last, have all replaceable parts and are super easy to take care of. I’ve had the same pair of pruners since I got my first pair over 6 years ago. If you're a lefty, get the left handed Felco 9 version." - Nicki 

"The diamond file and leather holster are worth every penny." - Liz

Get the Felco 2

Dovetail Workwear

Work Pants and Overalls

Why we love it: "My go-to spot for canvas work pants. They hold up and are cut so well for women’s bodies- there’s actually room for my hips, shocking. Women-owned brand. 🚀 Their sizing is also really inclusive and is consistent between styles." - Nicki

Get Dovetail Workwear for Women

Garden Defense Garden Sleeves

Gardening Sleeves

UV sun protection fabric UPF 50+. "Farmer’s Defense is my choice for those days when I’m outside and don’t want to slather sunscreen on my sweaty arms." - Nicki 

Get Farmers Defense Garden Sleeves

Hori Hori Garden Knife
Garden Knife

My all time favorite garden tool. So versatile- weeding, planting, dividing, even measuring if you get one with the ruler. Easy to carry around too. - Nicki

Makes weeding a breeze. Best tool ever. - Liz

Nothing says badass like a garden knife strapped to your belt. I feel like a "real" gardener. - Jane

Get the Hori Hori Garden Knife

Spear Head Spade

Spear Head Spade

It's light-weight and just the right size to move through a planting with ease. This spade is a game changer! Sharpen it several times throughout the season with a simple metal file to cut through small roots and hard soil. - Liz 

Get the Spear Head Spade


Hedge Shears

This tool has little bumpers that absorb shock and lessen impact to your hands and arms. A must have if cutting back the garden late winter. - Liz 

Get the Corona 10" Hedge Shears


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