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North Branch Natives

Symphyotrichum laeve (SMOOTH BLUE ASTER) *

bloom Aug-Oct | height 4’ | full-sun to part-shade
A little taller than most, this aster is great planted as a massing in the middle or toward the back of a matrix planting. The foliage is smooth to the touch and may take on a blue-tinged tone in the fall. Want to offer up something for late season bees and butterflies? Give smooth blue aster a try.

The bunnies love asters, so if you have a problem with the adorable little critters, intersperse with plants in the mint (Monarda) and onion (Allium) families, or seed in once your garden is established. 

Plants that grow well with SMOOTH BLUE ASTER: Asclepias sullivantii (prairie milkweed), Baptisia australis (false blue indigo), Monarda fistulosa (bee balm)

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