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North Branch Natives

Callirhoe involucrata (PURPLE POPPY MALLOW)

bloom Jun-Oct | height 1’ | full-sun

Native to DuPage County, purple poppy mallow is a favorite of many home gardeners. This plant does well in lean dry soil and works great in a container if you are limited on space. This vining plant produces a bright purple flower that resembles a poppy or morning glory and keeps blooming into November. Use this plant as a ground cover planted among bright green sedges.

Of note: Callirhoe's bloom correlates with one of our favorite little native bees, Melissodes bimaculata, which emerges late July. In the garden you may see a group male Melissodes clinging together on a stem or grass leaf as they sleep.

Plants that grow well with purple poppy mallow: plains oval sedge (Carex brevior), Baptisia australis (false blue indigo), Sporobolus heterolepis (prairie dropseed)

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