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North Branch Natives

Penstemon digitalis (FOXGLOVE BEARDTONGUE) *

bloom Jun | height 2-3’ | full to part-sun

Penstemon is one of the most lovely Illinois native flowers. Its springtime tubular flowers point outward from a tall sturdy stem, and dark purple markings inside each flower direct pollinating insects where to go. 

This plant reseeds readily, but due to its foliage residing mainly at the base, it doesn't seem to crowd other species out or become to abundant. Plant it in repeating groups of 5 or more as an accent plant in the landscape. Truly one of our favorites. You can stretch the limits of this one and plant it in heavier shade in most cases and it will do just fine. 

Plants that grow well with Penstemon digitalis: Sporobolus heterolepis (prairie dropseed), Carex brevior (plains oval sedge), Rudbeckia fulgida variety speciosa (showy black-eyed Susan)

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