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North Branch Natives

Echinacea pallida (PALE PURPLE CONEFLOWER)

bloom Jul-Aug | height 3’ | full to part-sun

One of our favorite things about pale purple coneflower is the spectacle that it brings. Early in the season a stout stem reaches upward through grasses and other vegetation to present a striking pink flower that attracts bees and butterflies. That stem along with seed head attracts a band of chattery gold finches late in the season before maturing to a dark orb in winter that looks really fabulous in the garden after it snows. Keeping the plant parts in place continues to house bees and feed the birds all season long.

Plants that grow well with pale purple coneflower: Sporobolus heterolepis (prairie dropseed), Asclepias sullivantii (prairie milkweed), Symphyotrichum oolentangiense (sky blue aster)

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